Meet Wayzn User Ashley

Ashley and her husband are puppy parents to these three pups who keep the couple on their toes at all times. Although the three dogs come from very different backgrounds, they manage to get along like any other set of siblings would.

United States
Purcellville, VA

Calliope is 5 years old and works as a canine explosion detection dog. “She loves the water, so anything with water, she’s in. We don’t really live near any water but we’ll put a baby pool out for her and she’ll just sunbathe in it all day long”. Charlie is a 5-year-old hound mix who was rescued as a stray dog from Indiana. “Charlie loves to go for walks and do anything where he can run around and sniff”. The youngest of the three pups, Tank, is a one-and-a-half-year-old Shepard mix. While in Afghanistan, Ashley’s husband found Tank, along with his 8 brothers, in a trash pit. The pups were all rescued and now live in North Carolina, Virginia, and DC, and they still keep in touch today! “It’s hysterical watching them all play together. I think it’s better for us than it is for them because it’s so funny watching them run around” joked Ashley. After moving to the country where there’s a bigger yard for the dogs, Ashley’s drive from work can be up to four hours if traffic is bad. With her new Wayzn, she can ensure that her dogs can be let outside in case of situations like a long work commute. She explained that “being able to not have to freak out that my dogs are stuck inside the house because I can open the door and they can run and hang out in the back yard was huge.”

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