Dog Door - Let your dog out with your phone, not your lunch break.

Pet doors for dogs. Come and go on your schedule, not your dog's. Leave the house anytime without guilt or worry.

dog door for sliding glass door with app to open door

Our dog doors are unlike any doggie door you've seen before.

Other pet doors are ugly, poorly insulated, and can be difficult to install.

Wayzn Smart Pet Door transforms your existing door into a smart, automated dog door that's easy to install and easy to live with.


Modern lifestyles demand a smart dog door

convenient dog door opener


Open your patio door to let your pet out from anywhere, anytime.

app based dog door opener


Use the app, your voice, motion detection, Alexa routines or Wayzn Pet Tag.

dog door opener with security to keep your family safe


Wayzn technology keeps the outside out, and your family secure inside.

dog door opener that creates more freedom for you


Come and go as desired. Sleep, work and relax without interruptions.

Wayzn dog door for sliding glass door with pet tags

Add Wayzn Pet Tag, for complete freedom.

Your pet's needs don't always match your schedule. With a tag / collar activated pet door, your pet can come and go as needed, and so can you.


Pet Parent Approved

Wayzn gives pet lovers back their freedom and productivity.

1 in 5

Wayzn users say it lets them work a job that wouldn't otherwise be possible.


Door opens (and potential accidents prevented) by Wayzn.

4 in 10

Wayzn users say they can no longer imagine life without it.

See what real customers say about Wayzn dog doors.

"I work right outside of DC, and some days it takes me four hours to get home. Being able to not have to freak out that my dogs are stuck inside the house was huge."

- Ashley Pantelakis

See what real customers say about Wayzn.

“Best invention ever, especially with 3 dogs that have different bladder needs. Can’t wait for this to be on my backyard slider.”

– Spencer Slattery

See what real customers say about Wayzn.

“I’m always looking for ways to make my life and my son’s life more safe and enjoyable. To me, Wayzn provided that.”

– Brandon Blanco

See what real customers say about Wayzn.

“Wayzn was able to address our needs. It combines technology and functionality to allow our dogs to safely go in and out without our presence.”

– David and Sheryl Nguyen

See what real customers say about Wayzn.

“I work 4 blocks away from home and for years I’ve used my lunch breaks to run home and let the dogs out. Now that’s a thing of the past.”

– Nathan Carnahan