Wayzn Pet Tag - Extra Tag (Back ordered)

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** This product is back ordered. New orders are expected to ship in September. **

Expand the capabilities of your Wayzn smart pet door system with the Wayzn Pet Tag - Extra Tag (This is an add-on and the Complete Set is sold separately). Designed as a perfect companion to the Wayzn Pet Tag-Complete Set, this additional tag ensures that all your pets, whether they're dogs or cats, can enjoy the freedom and security offered by your Wayzn sliding glass door dog door insert.

Seamless Integration

Whether you've recently welcomed a new furry member to your family or simply want to equip multiple pets, our extra pet tag seamlessly integrates into your existing system. Each Wayzn Pet Tag - Extra Tag set includes one tag, along with a gray and a blue collar strap, offering not just functionality but also a touch of style for your pet's collar.

Wayzn Works With Multiple Pets

The Wayzn sliding glass pet door system is designed to accommodate up to eight tags, making it a versatile solution for households with multiple pets. These tags are essential for the automatic sliding door feature to work efficiently, ensuring that each of your pets can access the sliding dog door insert independently.