Finalize your order!

If you placed a deposit to reserve a Wayzn, but haven’t yet finalized your order, please follow the steps below to finalize your order now.

Be sure you have the right type of door

Wayzn works on two-panel sliding glass doors when the fixed panel is on the outside. Wayzn does not support doors with more than two panels, doors where the fixed panel is on the inside or traditional swing doors.

Check for features that could prevent installation

If your door has a raised stopper, an additional door lock, or any other feature that blocks any portion of the door track, it should be removed prior to measuring or installing Wayzn. This is usually easy to resolve and we can help. If you have any questions, contact us.

Measure your exposed door track

Measure the amount of door track you can see, as pictured. Place the tape measure up against the frame on one one end and measure to where the door begins to cover the track on the other end. Round your measurement up to the nearest quarter inch.

Determine your opening width

Choose the table that contains your exposed track measurement and use it to find the correct size Wayzn for your door. Then use the Opening Width column to see how wide the opening will be with Wayzn in use. Remember, you can easily pivot Wayzn out of the way to use your door normally at any time. Doors with an exposed track less than 27 inches or greater than 49.75 inches are not supported.

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27 - 30.75 inches (Small)

31 - 37.75 inches (Medium)

38 - 49.75 inches (Large)

Check for fit

Using your tape measure, open your door until the actual opening size exactly matches the opening width given for your door on the chart above. Then, have your dog(s) attempt to use the door to make sure the opening size is wide enough for your needs.

Ready for your Wayzn?


I know my track measurement, my dog fits, and I’m ready to proceed.


Wayzn isn’t going to work for me, I’d like to receive a refund of my deposit.

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