3 reasons Wayzn is the best pet door for a sliding glass door

Anyone with a dog knows what a great joy it can be. Not only are dogs amazing companions and fun to play with, but they rely on us for everything and taking care of a dog is a rewarding experience.

Of course, having a dog in the house can also be an inconvenience. Especially when the dog needs to get outside to exrcise or releive itself. When you consider how a simple doggie door can change life for a dog owner it’s now wonder why they have stood the test of time.

But traditional dog doors have serious shortcoming. They’re unattractive, they aren’t secure and you have to cut a hole in your wall or door to intall them. This often requires the assistance of a contractor, so when you add it all up the flap doggie door that sells for $100 can easily cost you $500 or more before you’re done.

Over the past few years several new types of dog doors have appeared on the market that promise to make life easier for dog owners. Some allow you to avoid cutting a hole in your home, while others add greater security, opening only for your dog, identified by a special collar tag.

While we are of course biased, and think there are strong reasons why Wayzn is the best dog door for a sliding glass door, there are many good options available and it is a good idea for anyone shopping for a dog door to compare the top dog doors available before making a decision.

Sliding door panel inserts

Perhaps the most popular type of dog door today is the panel insert dog door designed specifically for sliding glass patio doors. Available from PetSafe, Ideal Pet and High Tech Pet, they can vary in price from $75 for a simple vinyl insert to $600 for a dual-pane, collar-enabled insert with motion detection and other premium features. While sliding door panel inserts eliminate the need to punch a hole in the wall, they are generally unnattractive and reduce or eliminate the ability for people to use the door to access the yard.

Pros: No damage, DIY, transferrable, available options.

Cons: Unnattractive and reduce usefulness of the door.

Smart dog door

Automatic door

Here are the by replacing the flap doggie door and adding new features.

Dog owners If you have a dogWe created Wayzn because we wanted our dogs to have access to the yard when we weren’t home, but didn’t want the security and installation costs and headaches that come with the traditional dog door. We loved the idea of using a smartphone to control our existing sliding doors because it would give us the flexibility to go anywhere, anytime. Now we simply get notified when our dogs want to go in or out, and after scanning the area we can open the door with a single click. We quickly discovered it could be useful when at home as well and developed an automatic mode so we never have to get off the couch.

Our dogs love it, and so do we!

Adam Smithline

Adam is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience who has held senior management positions for mobile and software comanies, and has previously co-founded two companies specializing in advanced analytics. He received his B.S. from Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley and is an avid maker with a love for dogs.

Mike Demele

Mike has 30 years of experience in enterprise and mobile software development and new product introductions for many Fortune 100 customers. For the past 5 years Mike has co-founded and run product for a mobile consumer and fleet solutions company which has thousands of commercial and consumer customers. Mike’s degree is in computer science, and his passion is canine companions.

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