What’s In the Works? (Summer 2020)

For the past two years we’ve been hard at work developing Wayzn Smart Pet Door. We’ve been focussed mainly on safety, security and design. Now that we are shipping, and receiving valuable feedback, we can turn our attention to enhancing the product and adding accessories to make it as useful as possible.

Here’s a lineup of the projects we’re working on at the moment and estimates of when we’ll deliver them:

Wayzn Smart Pet Door Enhancements

We have some exciting improvements in store. We expect to release these features in stages, starting in September and continuing through the remainder of the year.

  • Motion Detection Enhancements  – We’re simplifying the interface and making it work better out of the box.
  • Voice Assistant Integration – Support for both Alexa and Google are in the works. You’ll be able to control Wayzn hands-free, and automate the process of letting your dog back in.
  • Notifications – You’ll have the option to be notified when Wayzn detects motion or opens the door. 
  • Home/Away Sensing – Wayzn will know your location and respond accordingly.
  • Other Improvements – We have a list of enhancements we’ll be implementing, including the ability to control how long the door remains open, to limit the maximum opening width and to close the door using the button on your Wayzn. 

Wayzn Pet Tag

Users have spoken, and the number one request we get is for a pet collar tag and receiver that will enable pets to let themselves in or out. We’ve listened, and already have it in development. When released, it will work with any existing Wayzn Smart Pet Door, and it will be able to identify specific tags and determine if they are inside or outside, so you can configure how it behaves. We are aiming to have the Wayzn Pet Tag available in late 2020.

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