Get ready for notifications and location detection

Get ready for notifications and location detection

Get ready for some major improvements to the Wayzn mobile app 

We are pleased to announce a few exciting changes coming to the Wayzn mobile app we know you will love. As part of our ongoing commitment to developing the smart door of the future, we never stop trying to improve our software.  We’ve received a lot of customer feedback and prioritized your requests, working as fast as we can to make improvements.

In addition to ongoing efforts to develop and produce the Wayzn Pet Tag, we’ve been hard at work on two new features: notifications and location detection. 

Notifications are now available! 

Wayzn now gives you the option to receive notifications on your mobile device in certain situations. If you enable this feature you will be notified when your door has been left open for more than one minute, and any time a problem has been encountered trying to open or close your door. When your Wayzn device status is set to ‘Away’ you will also be notified every time your door opens.

Notifications will display only when you have the Wayzn mobile app closed or minimized in the background. At this time notifications can be allowed or disabled, but they can not be configured individually. We will continue to add flexibility and greater control over this feature in future releases. To take advantage of notifications make sure you are running version 3.73 or higher. 

Location detection is just days away 

We are in final testing of this exciting feature. When released, the Wayzn mobile app will be able to use your phone’s location to set the home/away status for your Wayzn Smart Pet Door. Rather than manually toggling location, as you do today, you will be able to come and go and Wayzn will automatically adjust its behavior to suit your preferences.

You can expect to see this feature very soon as we release version 3.74. It will work on both Android and iOS devices and will support primary and additional users.

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