A smarter, smart delivery box

How the Wayzn Smart Delivery Box is different

The Wayzn Smart Delivery Box is unlike other solutions on the market today. It solves the biggest problem with competing products — it eliminates the need for any type of intervention by drivers. In tests, this carrier-friendly solution achieved >90% utilization by delivery drivers across carriers (with zero driver training or intervention). Finally, consumers can enjoy the benefits of touchless, secure package delivery simply by placing a Wayzn Smart Delivery Box near the front door of the home. 

Packed with features and advanced technology

Since it’s built on the Wayzn platform, the Wayzn Smart Delivery Box has an industry-leading security architecture and benefits from thousands of hours of development and testing to maximize safety. Like all Wayzn products, it is simple to set up and easy to use. Features include notifications, scheduling, “key” sharing, and the ability to open it remotely using the mobile app from anywhere in the world. It can even open on cue as you arrive home and approach the front door. 

Get involved! 

Bringing the Wayzn Smart Delivery Box to market is a group effort and we are actively developing partnerships to help accelerate the process. If you’re involved with outdoor storage box manufacturing, delivery to the home, or last-mile technology (scanners, software, device management, manifest data, etc.) and would like to explore possibilities for partnering please get in touch.

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