The best dog door for a sliding glass door, by far

The best dog door for a sliding glass door, by far

Why Wayzn is the best dog door for a sliding glass door…

Need a dog door for your sliding glass door? Get to know Wayzn Smart Pet Door before you buy another product you may come to regret.
If you have a dog, you have a lot going on.  We all know that having a dog can be a lot of responsibility. You’re constantly on call, and you can’t go too far from home, or stay out too long, without first considering how your dog will get the exercise and yard time it needs to avoid accidents and chaos in the home.

But, if you have a dog and a sliding glass door, you’re in luck. Having a sliding door in the home means you can consider a sliding door dog door insert. We’ve written extensively about them, and for certain situations they’re great.

But, let’s be honest, for the majority of homes with a dog and a sliding door, Wayzn is the best possible dog door for your sliding door. It gives you all of the freedom to live your life without any of the headaches that come with sliding door dog door inserts. So, before you purchase any dog door for your sliding door, take a moment to compare your options. To help you do just that, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why Wayzn should be the first and only dog door for your sliding door.

Wayzn is the most weatherproof sliding door dog door available

No matter where you live, chances are pretty good that weather is an issue at least a portion of the year. Maybe you have cold winters with snow, maybe you have lots of rain and moisture, or perhaps you are dealing with extreme heat. Any of these conditions make your choice of sliding door dog door incredibly important.

The vast majority of inserts, whether smart or not, all suffer from the same fundamental flaw. The flap that opens and closes is made of thin, flimsy material. Yes, you can spend more and find a sliding door dog door insert that incorporates thick, high quality materials, but even these are still vulnerable to bad weather leaking around the edges of the flap, or between the insert and your sliding door.

Wayzn is unlike all other sliding door dog doors because it has no flap and requires no holes in your home. Unlike dog doors which you insert into your sliding door, Wayzn uses the sliding door you already own. For this reason, Wayzn Smart Pet Door offers the exact same insulation and protection against weather that you already have with your existing door.

Wayzn is the most secure sliding door dog door.

 If you are considering adding a new door to your home, security needs to be a priority. Unfortunately, sliding door inserts are notoriously flimsy and easy to remove. Even high-end electronic models, which may offer an additional degree of security, have vulnerabilities.

The best option, of course, is to avoid inserts altogether. Once again, Wayzn gives you all of the benefits of a smart doggie door without actually adding an insert to your sliding door. Instead, the Wayzn Smart Pet Door uses the door you already have. When engaged in the track, Wayzn acts like a metal broomstick handle, physically blocking the path of the door and making it impossible to slide open unless you issue the “open” command. There simply is no more secure smart doggie door available today. 

Wayzn is the best dog door for dogs.

When choosing a smart doggie door for your sliding door, the size of your dog is another important factor you must take into account. If you have a small dog, then this may be a less important factor for you because most solutions available will work fine for small dogs and cats. But if your dog is medium or large, you should take care to ensure it will fit easily through the opening.

Even if you have a small dog, can you be certain it will be comfortable using a flap door and walking through a small hole? Older dogs, especially, may be reluctant to use a flap door regardless of their size.

Wayzn solves these problems too. Unlike other solutions, Wayzn opens your existing sliding door to let your dog out — the very same door your dog has already been using. Of course, Wayzn can’t open the door all the way, so width is still an important consideration. For this reason, when purchasing a Wayzn Smart Pet Door our website shows you how to measure your doorway and after entering your track length it tells you exactly how wide your door will open once Wayzn is installed.

Wayzn is the best dog door for the family and home.

Research the sliding door doggie door inserts available and you will quickly realize that none of them are particularly convenient to use. Furthermore, they are all large, cumbersome, and will require some effort to install and remove. Once installed, sliding door inserts take up a huge amount of room, meaning your door can’t open as far as it once did and you quite possibly will no longer be able to use the door for egress. For many homes, there is another important consideration as well: sliding door doggie door inserts are unattractive.  

Wayzn Smart Pet Door, on the other hand, is tiny, and once installed it blends seamlessly into your home. It installs in minutes with the supplied adhesive tape or wood screws, and requires nothing more than a screwdriver. It can be removed just as easily, so you can take it with you when you leave. Most importantly, unlike sliding door inserts, Wayzn pivots easily out of the way in seconds anytime you want to use the door normally, giving you full access to your dorway when you need it.

Wayzn is the smart dog door with the best features.

You’re buying a smart dog door, so one question you should be asking is, “how smart is it?” And the answer ought to be “so smart is delights me and makes my life better every single day!”

Only Wayzn Smart Pet Door includes all of these features:

  • Open and close your door from your phone anywhere you have signal
  • Use Alexa to let your dog out from anywhere in your home
  • Use built-in motion detection to open the door automatically
  • Use cameras to open your door when they see activity by the door
  • Control how far your door opens, and how long it stays open before closing
  • Control which days and times your dog door should operate
  • Receive notifications when your door opens, or is left open

In summary, Wayzn Smart Pet Door is by far the best dog door for a sliding door!  

Let’s recap. There are a variety of sliding door dog door products available to choose from. To select the one that’s best for you we suggest that you consider the following questions:

  • Is it weatherproof?
  • Is it secure?
  • Is it good for my dog?
  • Will I like it in my doorway?
  • Does it have the features I want?

No dog door will have everything you want. for your sliding door. So choose the best one based on what you prioritize most. We designed the Wayzn Smart Pet Door with these considerations in mind, and we believe it is the best dog door for a sliding door. It is completely weatherproof, highly secure, good for most dogs, easy to live with and a joy to use. If you’re considering Wayzn as an alternative to a sliding door dog door insert be sure to read our reviews before making your final decision.

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