Wayzn for Windows

Wayzn for Windows

The smart window is coming 

Building on the success of the Wayzn Smart Pet Door, Wayzn will soon offer customers the ability to automate windows and control them remotely. Wayzn for Windows is the perfect solution for ventilating homes, vacation properties and even commercial facilities without having to be physically present. Like other Wayzn products, Wayzn for Windows will be easy to install, easy to use, and will allow you to safely and securely operate windows using your phone, voice or a variety of signals including indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity and air quality.

Save electricity and money while increasing safety

Wayzn is committed to sustainability and we are very optimistic about the potential for this product to reduce carbon emissions. By installing Wayzn for Windows customers can leverage favorable weather to heat and cool properties whenever possible and reduce their use of HVAC systems that consume large amounts of electricity. Wayzn for Windows users can save money, and feel good doing it.

In addition to reducing electricity use, Wayzn for Windows can also improve your response to air quality issues. Using the product in conjunction with various sensors and signals you can configure windows to open or close automatically when smoke or other gasses are detected either inside or outside the home.

Join the waitling for special pricing

Wayzn for Windows is still in the development stage. We don’t have a release timeframe yet, but we’re working hard to make it a reality as quickly as possible. To receive updates, gain access ahead of the general public and receive special discount pricing, all you have to do is join the Wayzn for Windows Waitlist.

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