Wayzn featured at cyberManor’s New Home Technology Center

Wayzn featured at cyberManor’s New Home Technology Center

Founded in 1999 by Gordon van Zuiden, cyberManor has provided professionally integrated digital home technology solutions for over 1,000 homes in the San Francisco Bay Area.  With a mission revolving around solutions that enhance the entertainment, communications, and comfort of their client’s homes, cyberManor is always on the lookout for exciting new smart home products like Wayzn.

“To enable a sliding door to open with the touch of an app button or by the sound of one’s voice is an invaluable new automation feature that we can now easily add to our client’s home technology upgrades,” said van Zuiden. “Automatically opening a sliding door for pets, enabling handicapped or senior citizens to easily open and close a sliding door, or even opening the sliding door in response to improving the home’s indoor air quality are all powerful benefits of installing the Wayzn automatic sliding door opener.”

To see a demonstration of Wayzn and the entire New Home Technology Center first hand register for a free virtual tour being broadcast on December 18th at 11AM Pacific Time.

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