100% funded on Indiegogo in under 7 hours!

100% funded on Indiegogo in under 7 hours!

When we launched Wayzn on Indiegogo we really didn’t know what to expect. Would people think it was a good idea? Would they shell out $200 or more knowing we had a lot of work left to actually bring it to market? Would they be willing to take a chance on us? Well, you can imagine our surprise when we reached our $50,000 funding goal in just seven hours!

And it didn’t stop there. By the time we completed our fundraising campaign we’d reached over $200,000 from more than 900 backers. 

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Not only did it supply us with the funds needed to get Wayzn manufactured and make our dream a reality, it also sent a clear signal to us and the world that demand for Wayzn is incredibly strong. Pet lovers have spoken, and we’ve listened.

If you were one of these early backers, thank you for your support. This accomplishment is as much or more about you than it is about us! We’re really excited to see how Wayzn changes the lives of pets and their owners and we can’t wait to hear your story.

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