Explore the comprehensive range of Wayzn's smart pet solutions in our All Products Collection. Designed to enhance the convenience and security of pet ownership, our collection features everything you need to upgrade your home for your furry friends.

Smart Pet Door Systems

At the heart of our product range is the innovative Wayzn Smart Pet Door. This system transforms your sliding glass door into an automatic pet door, allowing your pets to come and go with ease. With smart lock technology and seamless integration, the Wayzn Smart Pet Door ensures your home remains secure while providing your pets the freedom they deserve.

Pet Tags and Accessories

Our collection includes essential accessories like the Wayzn Pet Tag Complete Set and Extra Tags. These tags are designed to work with the Wayzn Smart Pet Door, allowing multiple pets to access the door independently. Each tag set includes durable, waterproof tags and stylish collar straps, ensuring your pets' comfort and safety.

Replacement Parts and Upgrades

Keep your Wayzn system running smoothly with our range of replacement parts. From power supplies to collar straps, we offer everything you need to maintain the functionality of your smart pet door system. Regular updates and easy-to-install parts ensure that your system remains reliable and efficient.

Extended Warranties

For added peace of mind, our collection also features extended warranty options. Choose from 2-year or 3-year warranties to protect your investment in Wayzn products, ensuring long-term reliability and support.

Discover the full range of Wayzn products and experience the ultimate in pet convenience and security. Our All Products Collection offers everything you need to create a pet-friendly home that blends technology with ease of use.

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Wayzn Smart Pet Dog Door OpenerControl Wayzn Smart Pet Door with the Wayzn mobile app
Sale price$499
Wayzn Pet Tag - Complete Set: A dog lying on a cushion, looking at something.Wayzn Pet Tag comes with extra straps
Frame Adapter for Wayzn Smart Pet Door
Adapter Tape for Wayzn Smart Pet Door
Wayzn extra pet tag come with two straps
Wayzn Smart Pet Door 3-Year Warranty
Wayzn smart dog door openerWayzn smart dog door opener with app to making opening your sliding glass door easy
Wayzn Smart Pet Door 2-Year Warranty
Door Adapter for Wayzn Smart Pet Door
Power Supply for Wayzn Smart Pet DoorPower Supply for Wayzn Smart Pet Door
Long Rod Adapter for Wayzn Smart Pet Door
Short Rod Adapter for Wayzn Smart Pet Door
Happidogs - 20oz Insulated TumblerHappidogs - 20oz Insulated Tumbler
Wayzn Logo Front - Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve TeeWayzn Logo Front - Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee
Wayzn Vibes - Unisex Dyed T-shirt: A dog wearing sunglasses and sticking out its tongue on a blue shirt.Wayzn Vibes - Unisex Dyed T-shirt
Sale priceFrom $19.77
Wayzn Logo - Men's Sports Warmup Hoodie in WhiteWayzn Logo - Men's Sports Warmup Hoodie in White
OK to spoils dog pleez - Pet BowlOK to spoils dog pleez - Pet Bowl
Happy Puppy - 20oz Insulated TumblerHappy Puppy - 20oz Insulated Tumbler
A dog wearing the I Heart Wayzn Dog Jersey, a close-up of a cute dog.A dog wearing the I Heart Wayzn Dog Jersey, with a red heart on a gray surface.
Wayzn Logo - Pet BowlWayzn Logo - Pet Bowl
Sale price$25