Wayzn can be connected to most frames using the pre-installed adhesive tape. If your frame has an oiled or slick surface, or your Wayzn will be subject to extreme cold or heat from direct sunlight, you can follow these instructions to attach the frame adapter with the included wood screws instead.

To install using adheive tape follow these steps:

  1. If your frame has a ridge protruding, you can remove the wedge insert to make room
  2. Remove the backing from the tape on the frame adapter
  3. Pass the power cord under the unit
  4. Rest the frame adapter on the door track
  5. Without lifting it, slide the adapter until it touches the frame, taking care to ensure it is perfectly vertical when it makes contact
  6. Hold pressure for 30 seconds

To install using screws follow these instructions:

  1. Place the frame adapter in the position where it will be installed, taking care to ensure it is perfectly vertical
  2. Use a pencil to mark the location at the top edge against the frame
  3. Remove the wedge piece and position it so the end with the lip is at the bottom
  4. Use the included wood screws to attach it to the frame in the marked location
  5. Pass the power cord under the unit
  6. Slide the adapter down onto the wedge

Once attached, pivot your Wayzn into the upright “disengaged” position.

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