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Give Your Pets An Exit Strategy

Convert your sliding door into an automatic, app-controlled pet door. No screws, nails, or holes. No professional installation needed.

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Provide your pet a smart and secure way to access the yard, anytime, no matter where you are.

App-controlled, open from anywhere.

No tools needed, sets up in just seconds.

Increased pet independence, comfort and play.

3-Minute Setup

Discreet & Easy To Use

Set Home & Away Modes

Compatible With IoT Devices

Safe & Secure

Works With All Standard Sliding Doors

Operate from Anywhere

With the Wayzn mobile app, you can open the door for your pet from your bed, a plane, the office,
or anywhere else.

Easy, Non-Permanent, & Damage Free

Wayzn installs in three easy steps, three minutes, with no professional help needed, and can easily be moved from one location to another. Give your pet full outside access without cutting a hole in your house, window, or back door.

Easily Transferable

3-Minute Setup

No Professional Installation

No Screws, Nails, Hooks

No Additional Hardware

No Holes In Doors or Windows

Integrates With Your Connected Home

Use Wayzn with existing security cameras and selected IoT smart devices like Amazon Echo for motion-sensored, auto-open features or to visually check in on your pet’s needs.

Free Up Your Schedule

No more planning your schedule around your pet’s potty breaks or needing to ensure a walker is there to let your pet out. Set the door to auto open when your pet approches, or open it via the app when you receive an alert.
Never clean up an accident again!

Receive motion-sensor alerts when your pet is waiting by the door & needs to go out.

Receive motion-sensor alerts when your pet is waiting by the door & needs to go out.

A New Breed of Pet Independence

With increased access comes increased opportunities for play and exercise. Feel good about leaving your pet alone when you need to.

No More Ugly Pet Doors

Say goodbye to unsightly, permanent pet doors that don’t match your decor and ruin an entryway. Wayzn was designed to be as discreet and secure as possible, and even disengages in 3 seconds when not in use.





“Having this option to see him and then let him in and out when I’m at work is huge. And I love that it easily disengages when I’m not using it!”

Claire Arvidson


“My apartment doesn’t allow altering doors to put in a pet door. I can’t wait to get this!”

Sean Robitialle

San Francisco

“Every morning my dog Duke wakes me at 5am to let him out. Now he can let himself out and I can stay in bed! Love it!”

Celeste Carico